Limits and Expectations are a Sign of Love, Rather than Control

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Setting the rules for your preteens takes patience and commitment.  Their boundry pushing is just their way to find the limits and become adults.  Helping your preteens become adults

helping your preteen to become an adult takes time, patience, and a commitment.Your pre-teen pushing exploring

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Setting Limits and Boundaries

  • Express your expectations for his or her goals and accomplishments.
  • Your preteen deserves guidance, high but realistic expectations for achievement, and a fair balance between rules and freedom.
  • Monitor your preteen’s behavior-what he or she says and does, where he or she goes and with whom, and when to expect him or her home.
  • Establish limits and boundaries, such as curfews, study hours, behavior at parties, and expectations for special occasions.

While preteens may fight with parents about some decisions, they usually realize that the limits placed on them are a sign of love, rather than control.

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