Creative Story

My Expressive Arts Story

In my story, I am always in search of a never-ending truth of reality—my own individuation.  I travel with inquires, and indulge in expressive arts to discover there are no true answers for every question I beseech.  I build on the concept of honoring who I am in the moment and not needing the analytical answer for the solution.

I search for a balance of understanding of who I am by using and celebrating the expressive arts as a tool for deciphering my journey of questions.  I explore an avenue of expressive art on my terms and find a love of the discipline stronger than I had anticipated.

I am an expressive artist and a life coach, because of this, I chose to use my creative unconscious to answer my questions.  In the present, I brought together my past creative expressions and came to transient conclusions to similar questions.  My acknowledgements of my answers are, actually, from the here and now of who I am today, they are not stored answers from years gone by.

In my body and in my soul, I had questions, throughout my life, I did the best I could to answer them.  At each moment in my life, I understood these answers in a way I could.  Just like now, I am comprehending the meaning of my work differently than I might have done last year.  But it really does not matter what the answers are or what the questions have been, it only matters that I am listening.  At one point I stopped listening to my inner voice, and now I have been reawakened through my work as an expressive artist and life coach.

I need to know how I work with myself in order to work best with others.  I cannot facilitate the processes of others without having had the chance to facilitate my own.  With my personal work, I have accomplished precisely that.  I facilitated my own acknowledgement of my own individuation.  I was the conductor who stood in front of the orchestra and waved the baton.  Many came forth and graciously shared their ideas with me, but I was in charge.   It was my process and I took what fit and put aside what did not.  My creative work is about me.  My creative work is for me.  My creative work is me.  I explored an avenue of expressive art on my terms and I found my love for the discipline stronger than I had anticipated.  This ego-centric introspection was not only a learning tool for my personal growth, but also a tool to decipher my first intentions to study expressive art therapy.  I gave myself space to acknowledge my questions and search, and now it is time to move on and share my journey with others.

The process I used to learn about myself is the process I will pass on to others.  The process at that time in my life was to validate all my inquires through the arts, school, society and myself and to trust my intuition.  My validation and acknowledgment of my expression, questions and answers helped me to learn who I am, in tern; I now have more to share openly with the people I touch in a personal and professional way.

My conclusion is that there is no conclusion.  My search for the truth-the truth of who and what I am in this complex, unbalanced place we call society-is a never-ending process.  It is a never-ending process called individuation.  This word I learned years ago and was unable to grasp the purity of its meaning now befriends me in a mysterious manner.  I still wonder what life holds for me, but now I see that I once looked to others for the answers.  Now I know that it is only me who knows the true answers to the questions born with me.

There is no end to my learning about who I am.  I am constantly changing and growing, and the ideas and thoughts that I created are for me at that time of my life I created them.

I will flounder in the mud here and there.  I will continue to take pictures of my feet to find my soul.  I often will look for my mirror image when I am alone.  I will create and wear masks to keep me safe.  I will always be in search of Christine Britos.

I struggle with this process.  I laugh and I cry.  I sing and dance.  I am happy and sad.  With my determination, I will arrive at the place I need to be.  I like what I have created.  I feel good with what I have accomplished in my life and I am happy.

Already, though, I feel more questions growing inside my naked bones.