My Story

My name is Christine Britos, I am a Life/Business Coach and a Creative Leader.

Before I was a Life Coach, I was coached.  I needed to be coached.  I needed help.  I knew I was smart and creative, but I was all over the place and unfocused.  I was that ‘Wanna be Artists’.  The one who had so much talent, but did not know how to financially support myself with my talent.  All I needed were tools to eliminate the blocks and build a plan toward success.  So I found a coach.

The first thing I noticed while working with my own personal Life Coach, was that I had someone on my side cheering for me.  Helping me reach goals and take steps to accomplish what I wanted and needed.

My coach gave me space and time to work through my challenges and options.  My coach helped me focus with effective exercises.  My coach guided me to develop plans and stick to them.  I was held accountable and I grew.

My life began to change one step at a time.  The changes started out small, breaking old habits and purging stuff I didn’t like or want in my life.

With each step and change, I cleared a path for brilliance to shine.  I got rid of mind clutter, house clutter and negative clutter.  I let go of items I did not need anymore and I was filling my head with healthier ideas and clearer thoughts.  I was building a plan that was actually take shape.  I was breathing better.  I was moving ahead.

Since then, since the beginning of the small changes, I began to see clearly what I loved and why I went to school for Expressive Arts Therapy.  I began to follow my passion for the creative arts.  I started painting again.  I began to explore different mediums.  I became a Life Coach and pulled all the pieces together.

The Best part, I now do what I love and love what I do.  I found my passion and live it.  I gave myself permission to be happy.

It was a journey.  But it’s my life journey and that created my passion to help others become unstuck and to find their way home; to the life they are meant to live, one of happiness and success.