Christine, There are things I would like you to remember about your leadership style: The rocking motion of your body, the ‘holding’ position of your hands-  soothing- that met the flow of energy of the group and gave it back to them.  The choice of music that was rhythmic and circular and matching the motion of endings, which are in some sense a chance for new beginnings.  The quality of your voice, almost mantra-like, but always leading somewhere.  The overview, the big picture you had, very encompassing and showed itself in little ways (i.e. welcoming me back into the circle, ‘knowing’ the group was ready to move to a close) and big ways (i.e. your ability to lead the group in such a deep, voluminous exercise).   It is important to note the group did not fear you.  They were not ‘put off’ in any way by the feminine nurturing, peaceful quality of your leadership.  Their acceptance and appreciation of this side of yourself was both articulated in their feedback and witnessed by you and me in their movement.

It was a pleasure being the witness, the observer of your workshop.  Thank you for including me with eye contact and gesture in the midst of the exercises.

Very well done.  Yes, you are a ‘Mover’ and an Expressive Arts Facilitator.

Bon Chance, mon ami,      ~Brigitte~


Professionally, I have worked with Christine in her role as a real estate investor, and as a seasoned Realtor.  Though only part time as a Realtor, she has helped numerous clients make smart real estate investment decisions  Christine has an uncanny ability to quantitatively analyze the financial well being and potential of an investment property, and an effective communications style that has brought clarity to helping her clients weigh complex alternatives, and negotiate successful transactions.  Her skills have benefited her clients tremendously.

I have known Christine in her role as Owner/Manager of a very successful restaurant. Starting a moderate to upscale restaurant business requires a wide variety of people, administrative, creative, and organizational skills.  Most new restaurants fail, but Christine was able to make her restaurant profitable in only a few short years, and establish it as a cornerstone of the community.  Though Christine has recently sold that highly successful endeavor to move on to other interests, this remains a tremendous achievement for her, and the restaurant remains a high profile establishment within the community.

Finally, I’ve observed Christine’s work in committees at Church, and as one of the found directors of a Cooperative Preschool, another very successful project where she remains an essential asset.  Christine has a rare entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to enlist others in her vision as she sets out to accomplish her goals.        ~ Doug ~


In ‘Reflecting My Way…Creating I am’, Christine reaches back and shows us how art has always served her and how expressive arts is a vehicle for individuation, grounding, and propelling the emerging person forward to live life in their own unique way. ~Joanne~