Are You Spamming When You Send Your Newsletters?

To send a newsletter, you need people who have given you permission to use their email address.  If you do not have permission, then it is considered spamming.  Your email list is ok if they have opted in to your list on your website, opted to receive emails from your workshops and who have purchased items from you.

Your email list is not ok, if you purchased the list, used all the emails in your email address book at home and/or cut and pasted all the email lists from different websites.  A newsletter is a marketing tool that should create followers and believers in you as a Creative Leader, not a spammer.  Getting permission, keeps good customers and great followers.

These days, newsletters are so simple to write and send with the tools that are available on the web.  I like Mail Chimp.  It is free for smaller lists and as your list grows, there are options to buy monthly subscriptions.  Mail Chimp does a great job explaining the steps and makes it real easy to import lists from different places.  They also, keep great track of who wants to be on your email list and who does not.  It is always sad when someone opts out of your email list, but it also means the people left on your list want to hear what you have to say.

If you are just beginning and you do not have an email list, then it is time to start.  I included a basic   Email.Signup.List  to Download to use for your creative workshops.  I always print a pile of these forms to keep handy in my workshop folder.  That way, I never forget it and save time instead of printing it out for each class.

On the Email List Form, the less information you ask, the better for the student; since no one wants to give up personal information.  But, the more information the better for you as a Business; since more information gives more choices to use in your marketing.  So, you need to find a nice medium.

The form included has a name, email and address column.  You can change the form to more or less information, it all depends on what you will use and what you feel comfortable asking for.

Also, check out Mail Chimp for more info on ‘Okay Email Lists’ and ‘Not Okay Email Lists’

Good Luck building your email list.  Why don’t you Check Out:

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